We at Defy All Odds Apparel are fortunate enough to have connections with all kinds of incredibly talented individuals. In this case we got linked up with Larry Kosilla, owner of AMMO NYC and host of /DRIVE CLEAN on the /DRIVE YouTube Channel. Larry went through a complete paint restoration of the infamous F40 many of you have come quite fond of. Check out this video, if you're into detailing Larry is the guy to learn from. If you're not, well the first two minutes are some pretty cool shots of the car! Larry has a series of informational videos on the best ways to clean all different kinds of vehicles, even motorcycles! The video also made it's way on to car blog Jalopnik - http://drive.jalopnik.com/watch-a-cherished-ferrar…/+pgeorge Check it out!

For more info on Ammo NYC visit - http://www.ammonyc.com 


Corey Alexander